All About Vincent

NameVincent \ Black Wolf
AddressOrlando, Florida, USA
Weighta very solid 245 lbs.
EyesDark Brown
HairBlack with some Grey
ComplexionAfrican American
ReligionPagan (Wicca)
OccupationGraphic/Web Design
DispositionIt Depends

Wanna know More???

More about Black Wolf

BirthplaceAustin, Texas
BirthdateAugust 7, 1963
Military ServiceARMY/Army National Guard
Favorite cartoonsAction Anime, Peanuts
Favorite beerShiner Bock and Bud Light
Favorite musicClassical/Dance/Rock
PetsTuchaar, a rat terrier mix
VehicleLike I want to drive in this state!!
ComputerCompaq Armada Laptop
Favorite foodChinese food
Sex preferenceWho wants to put up with me?
Marital StatusLeft at the altar
Favorite colorBlack
Favorite soft drinkGatorade

Things Black Wolf Can't Stand

Most hideous musicAnything that doesn't make sense
Worst foodHog Head Cheese
Worst odorSkunk
Most annoying noiseCar Alarms
Biggest waste of moneyChurch collection plates
Worst burger jointCheckers
Worst soft drinkTab
Nastiest beerPearl and any beers related to it!
Raunchiest cigarSwisher Sweets

Things That I Really Enjoy:

Wines: I have a love for Savignons, Burgandys, and Sangrias.

Cigars: Magnums and Generals(These are almost two feet long!!), Licencinados, even some Manduro brands. There are many places to buy good cigars. I recommend JR CIGARS in Burlington, North Carolina. I used to recommend Holts, but they don't like their customers linking to their website so I no longer recommend buying from them.

Music: Classical Music, Alternative/Industrial, Brazilian/Samba, Celtic/Irish, New Age Music, and Wiccan Magick Music.

More About Me!

I have a disability. It is known as Systemic Lupus Euramatosis (SLE). Lupus for short. Usually women develop Lupus, but some men are prone to it as well. I was diagnosed with Lupus in May 1995 even though I had previously been diagnosed with everything from Stress Disorder to Urinary Tract Infection. I spent most of that year in the hospital battling seizure disorder and pnuemonia.

My other hospital visits included monthly treatments for Lupus Nephritis. This is a form of Lupus that affects the kidneys. The commonly used treatment is called cytaxin. It is a form of chemotherapy that can only be prescribed by a cancer physician. This by no way means that Lupus is a form of cancer. It just means what is used by cancer patients can be used for other illnesses and disorders.

Friends thought I had a variety of illnesses when I was discovered to be absent from the places I use to hang out. It is amazing how assumptions and speculations become rumors! I had well-meaning people come of and ask me if I had Hodgkins or any form of camcer. I also had some uneducated individuals inquire about me, some wondering if I had cancer! When I recovered enough to go out in public, I put to rest all these rumors and innuendos about my illness. I had a few people still ask if my illness was HIV related. It isn't related because it is a genetic disorder. You can develop Lupus only if it runs in your family. The only known relative in my family who did develop Lupus was my great-uncle on my dad's side of the family (his mother or my grandmother's brother). It is rare for men to develop Lupus, because women are more common sufferers. Black (African-American) women are more likely to develop the disease with Hispanic women coming up a close second.

What is it like to be a man with Lupus?

I have been asked that so many times. I deal with the fact that I cannot stay out in extreme heat. If I do, then a seizure is bound to come. In fact, anything stressful will also trigure seizure episodes. In September and November 1999, I had hip replacement surgery in both hips. That was the price paid for one of the medications I had taken , Prednisone. I've come around since the surgeries and can walk around like normal. But I can't dance like I used to. I can't sit Indian style or do certain forms of yoga. And I suffer from arthritis really bad. I went through bouts of manic depression, and mood swings worse than a woman on her period. Some of those times took place after my cytaxin treatments. I have had thoughts of ending it all because of the dificulties I was having. But things do happen when you find someone in your life to help you go through the worst of times. And I found another bunch of friends like myself who gone through the same things. And we all have one thing in common....WE ALL AIM TO SURVIVE. And we will.....

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