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Welcome, and Bright Blessings!!! You have ventured into the Wicca/Pagan section of my site. In this section will be references, recommendations, and links to the Goddess and the Horned God. You will also find the same for other beliefs as well. From time to time I will be commenting on what is going on in the world, and how it affect us Wiccans. Is there something that needs to be known? If so, then send me details and links. Even with all these changes, I will always keep my page informative and educational. After all, I do have a habit of telling it like it is.

If you have questions or would like to comment, then send me mail.

Wicca has been a part of my life for many years. I became interested and dedicated myself at a young age and hid the secret from my family and friends. Many people who later found out asked me to prove that in fact I was a witch. Some even wanted to perform an exorcism to save my soul from the forces of Satan and set me on the right path. Of course I had to dispel their Wizard of Oz-Snow White-Samantha Stevens interpretation of witches like the common belief that Warlocks are male witches as portrayed by the TV program, "Bewitched," when actually a Warlock was a well paid Scottish Witch-hunter in the middle ages.

When a friend asked me to do a mojo bag for him, another stereotype I had to dispel was the practice of Voodoo(another perpetuated Hollywood myth I had to deal with for which African-Americans were portrayed as mambos and hougans). I had to enlighten him tersely for his misinformation about me as well as the dangers of negative workings for which I personally knew all so well.

Today I am a solitary, and have been most of my life. I love being solitary, but I have kept an open mind and searched for a group that would accept me. In the Spring of 1985 I once applied for admission to a coven. I filled out the application to the best of my knowledge. The application also asked me to send in a photo. I did not send one in because I didn't have a current one and I didn't feel one was necessary. It did lead me to wonder about this person's group and what her motives were. Well, this so-called 'Priestess' did not accept me because she claimed that my energy was not right. At the end of the rejection letter, she added a list of books to help me along the way. Some of the books she listed were the same as those I had listed on the registration and many of which I have read years earlier. Several months later, I had found out that her group had disbanded. According to a friend who was accepted, her group slowly fell apart because she had become too demanding. I also found out that she was disturbed about having a black man in the group and that she stated that people of my race were incapable of Wiccan practices. I guess she learned the hard way that you never reject any of the Goddess' children no matter who they are.

Just a few years later, an aquaintence of mine related to me a simalar incident. He attended a course that had the same requirements. He also felt uncomfortable leaving a photograph. What made matters worse was the argumental power struggle between the priestess and priest. My friend therefore has decided to remain a solitary practitioner for the time being. We gave him a protective blessing and wished him well on his quest.

In August 1997, BadWolf and I began taking courses in Wicca taught by a Priestess from the Sibylline Order. But in Feburary 1998, due to personal differences on historical and anthropological opinion, we were told our magick was incompatible with this organization. To us, they had exposed themselves as charlatans and dabblers. And some really did not know what they were doing. This incident led me to believe that my path was different than what they had in mind. After some soul searching, and doing a couple of rites to repair the damage done by the Sibylline Order to BadWolf and myself, I decided to return to the tradition of being a solitary.

As of late August 2000, we to have resigned our memberships from The Council of Magickal Arts. To find out why, go below past the large torch.

I chose the name BlackWolf because my friend BadWolf says it suits me well, and its comfortable to me spiritially as well as magically. My workings are primarily healing and protection, although before my disability, I could raise a very powerful energy mass for whatever purpose. After all, where would the extra energy for mass calls for help and blessings come from? Never discount the gifts that a solitary can provide, for ours are the ways of Wise Woman and the Cunning Man. I once heard that only a Witch can make a Witch, but according to the late Scott Cunningham's book, 'Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner', "Only the Goddess can make a Witch. So who is better qualified?" He is right. I went to the most qualified. I went to the one who accepted me as I am and whose love is unconditional, and unchanging.

Many so-called well-meaning members of the Christian Community continue to claim that Wicca is Satanic. They use these tactics to keep people from finding out about Wicca for themselves. Most of the anti-Wiccan propaganda has come from members of Southern Baptists and Assemblies of God. These groups follow in the tradition of the Spanish Inquisition and the corrupt judges of Salem, Mass. I have known of the people who are predjudiced against Wiccans, some of which can be brought to light by giving them an easy explaination of Wiccan practices and beliefs. However, there are those who will claim you are a disciple of Satan no matter what you tell them.

I knew of a Wiccan who went to work the day before Samhain, and found some anti-Halloween propoganda on his desk. He shocked everyone in the office by ripping it to shreds, then saying that if he ever found any Christian material on his desk again, he would take it to upper management for consideration as matter of personal infringement. The manager took his side and agreed that the workplace was not to be used as a forum for conversion.

This doesn't just happen to Wiccans. I once knew of a friend who was a Buddahist. For weeks a co-worker continued to harrass him by leaving copies of the Jack Chick comics and a tiny copy of the New Testament on his desk. He finally put his foot down and told his co-worker to back off. The co-worker responded with the usual, 'You'll go to Hell if you don't turn to Christ' routine. My friend countered with the fact that he had the right to believe in whatever he wanted without comment or comdemnation. Although both incidences were peaceful, there are others that have ranged from harrassment to actual violence. One well known organization that I know of that deals with some of these religious matters is the Lady Liberty League through the organization, 'Circle Sanctuary.'

Only Christians have Satan. Wicca has no devils or demons. It has no Hell or Purgatory. We do not rely on those who are supposed to bring us the word and expect us to drop money in the collection plate. We do not go out on street corners or door-to-door trying to add more followers (and income) to the flock! If they are confronted with questions, they make references to faith. You are just simply handed a bible, and told to believe what is there. If there is a problem, prayer is the answer. The only dangerous Christian is one who believes his way is the only way and if unable to recruit or convince will demean or harm by any means necessary. Even kill. My true criticism with Christianity is that it has been the cause of wars and elimination of various races in the world. It has been used to subjigate women and other minorities into submission. History has recorded such mass mental and physical destruction and genocide. And they do it all in the name of Christ. If Christ were alive today (and I'm only speculating), I do not believe he would approve of such practices.

This statement is for members of the organization known as the Council of Magickal Arts. Stated below is an explanation of the reasons why we left the organization, and why we will never return or wish further contact from anyone connected with CMA. Once I said we had a dissapointing view of the Pagan community of Texas. Now I know why. It seems that many of the Wiccan/Pagan (CMA) community has brought along Christian baggage to the community. Many have sought the need for competition and control, and in doing so have taking control of many good pagan organizations The Sibylline Order (and I'm being cordial due to prior statements above) and The Council of Magickal Arts. Many of you may know what the Order did to us and the results of their retaliation. What they tried to do was ruin our reputation, and wound up being banished by the greater community. Now a faction/clique has taken over the running of the land site purchased by CMA. They have used certain members as figureheads to get what they needed. And we were caught in the trap!

We were the dinner coordinators for the first work weekend at the landsite. And up till the time BadWolf had his heart attack, we had done a supurb job. We showed people that things like Solar power can be achieved. We even gotten an award of a very beautiful Wolf's Head Knife at Beltane. But things began to turn awry.

We began questioning why things have not been completed on time. And why were people's pet peeves were more important than the proper needs. A shower facility seemed to be more important than flush toilets or a kitchen. Even how to power the landsite was called into question. And why the secrecy? Why the delays? We went to the landsite for the first time since Spike's heart attack. When we got there, we found that the protocol had changed. When we left, we assured everyone that when Spike recovered, we would resume our duties. We instead found that a clique had formed and had taken over our jobs. Even one of them had heard that we had quit, when really we didn't. So the clique took over and took pains to eliminate us. We confronted everyone at the landsite, and they ignored us. Even the guys who comes out and is in charge of the work weekend snubbed and ignored us. They had made it clear that we warriors are not welcome.

Is this the way you treat your brother Pagans? Is this really the true nature of the Texas Pagan community? Unless I am convinced otherwise, I will retain my view on this community. And that is that most of the Pagan community are nothing but a group of whining, immature, jealous, non-magickal practising wannbees who really attend events just to get naked, get drunk, hide and get high, and try to have sex with anyone who'll put up with them. To me, that is not the Pagan community I was led to believe in. So my view of the Pagan community stands.

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