The Warrior's Guide to Being Bad


The Warrior leads a lifestyle very different from most people. Warriors are typically calm, mild individuals with a more prespective view on life than his peers. Warriors are reserved individuals, carrying respect to all which surrounds him. A warrior fights for what he believes in, fights for what his friends believe in, and most important of all, fights only when it is necessary to do so. Part of the warrior lifestyle is to be BAD -- as in BAD to the Bone -- an inner finding within oneself. Being BAD is NOT an attitude, but an aura of self-confidence. Being BAD has virtually nothing to do with fighting. It is the ability NOT to have to fight to show yourself as being on top, the best. And, even though being BAD excludes fighting as a first resort, a warrior knows that he is BAD, and only shows his BADness when it is needed. Warriors know how to fight in a sinister way, leaving virtually nothing in his path. Only the fool who "thinks" he is BAD finds out personally just how BAD a warrior can be. Be that a warrior is your best friend, always, even in times of conflict. A warrior holds no grudge, nor prisoners.

The Twelve Postulates of Being Bad

Being BAD is NOT your looks, attitude, appearance, persona, ethnic root, nor any other of the stereotypical roles cast to what Hollywood wants the public to believe what BAD is. A biker guy, for example, is usually BAD, but not always. A ballerina is usually not considered to be BAD, but beware. What you DON'T see is what will get you. Part of being BAD is the ability to carry oneself without showing off. The Twelve Postulates of Being Bad explain the twelve points of the BAD lifestyle. They are mostly common sense, but when assembled as a collective entity, they become a guide to a lifestyle up and beyond normal social expectation.

Postulate #1.
You NEVER have to show off that you are BAD.

BADness is an aura which surrounds oneself. It shines like a light around you and all of what you do. Others will know that you are BAD by sensing this invisible aura. Physically showing off always leads to disaster. One who feels that he needs to show off in order to prove that he is BAD is not BAD. One of the ways to tell whether someone is BAD or not is to see if he is or likes to show off. Who's more foolish, the fool or the fool who shows off?

Postulate #2.
Never break BAD on anyone unless they have invaded your space.

Tolerance is the key to understanding others. Unless you (or your interests) have been violated physically, mentally, or emotionally, leave it be. It is not worth fighting for. Some people are mouthpieces, saying things they don't remember the next day, or prehaps intoxicated. Be tolerant, and let it go. Your space should include: your body, your immediate area of occupation, your home or business, your respectable beliefs (including religion), your friends and relatives, and/or anything or anyone that is important to you. Don't confuse an idiot talking to your girlfriend (or boyfriend) with invasion of your space. This is the most confusing issue, and tolerance until knowledge is mandatory.

Postulate #3.
Never use your BADness for personal gain or profit.

This postulate is an extention of Postulate #1. Using your BADness to win over a girlfriend or boyfriend, a gambling debt, or anything else you may think of that a threat may gain you social standing is wrong and degrading. Don't use BADness to intimidate others. BADness should be used only in the POSITIVE respect, never in such a way that it may harm others (unless they have asked for it!).

Postulate #4.
If physical conflict arrises, respect private property.

If you find it necessary to use your BADness to take care of business, do it in a place where your opponent is the only victim of mayhem. Never fight in a bar, restaurant, home, or business. It's not the bar you're after, it's the idiot who invaded your space.

Postulate #5.
Warriors are always aware of his surroundings.

It is important to know where you are, who you are with, how you got there, what is in the area with you, and most importantly, how to get gone! Be observant and remember everything possible about where you go and who you are with. Knowing a little about the places and people you are hanging around with may be of upmost importance in a threatning situation.

Postulate #6.
Respect the opinion of others.

Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion, no matter what you might believe. It is respectful to simply acknowledge the fact that you have given your time and mental attention to understand what someone else thinks.

Postulate #7.
You must be outspoken when it comes to your own beliefs.

Don't be afraid to voice you own opinion. But don't argue with anyone over issues neither here nor there. It is not worth the trouble. Be aggressive when it comes to making your thoughts known; be convincing but not threatning. Don't intimidate others with your opinions; let them comprehend and absorb them in their own way. If the words of others invade your space, be firm in letting others know that their actions and words have harmed you and your well being. Take affirmitave action, verbally if possible, to make sure that your peers know just exactly how you feel.

Postulate #8.
Do not involve yourself in other people's business.

Everybody has the right to deal with manners in their own way. Things that you don't understand, or for that matter, care about shouldn't be of your concern. You should, however, be aware that something is going on, just in case it spreads into your space.

Postulate #9.
Be patient.

There is no rush for anything. Take your time to resolve whatever faces you. If it is a life-threatning situation, use your reasoning power wisely, not foolishly. Don't be a fool to rush to judgement, as a bad choice will only lead to disaster. Think things out thoroughly before taking any action.

Postulate #10.
Never panic, or show sign of distress.

These are obvious giveaways that you are not BAD. A warrior is a calm, collected individual with all of his faculties available to him at all times. A warrior should appear fearless, but kind and passionate. Even if a person threatens you, you should not fear him or show him you are scared, but you should comfort him in a subliminal way, getting to his inner-soul and reading just what itches him. Be straightforward, but do not show him that you are in distress, even if you are.

Postulate #11.
When you least expect it, someone will be there for you.

Friends will be friends, but when warriors make friends, it's for life.

Postulate #12.
Someday, when you least expect it, you will meet someone who is more BAD than you.

You may be BAD, but not the BADest. To have an attitude that you are the BADest excludes you from being BAD. Always remember that there are others out there who are BAD too. One (or more) of which is more BAD than you. Interestingly enough, when you meet Mr. BAD, so has he. And furthermore, you will not fight, instead, you will become good friends. This is a sign of warriors being warriors, living the same lifestyle, respecting each other for what he stands for and believes in.

Implementing the Twelve Postulates

The warrior uses the above Twelve Postulates as a guideline for developing a personal perspective on life. Every situation, from a fist fight to a love scene has moments of being BAD. Not every Postulate applies to every situation, but most always, most of them do. Understanding which applies and when is an important judgement in keeping the BAD aura alive. Use the Twelve Postulates to remind yourself what to do when something bothersome or difficult arises. For example, if you are in a strange city on vacation, and you are searching for a restaurant, be alert (up and above the normal). Postulate #5 states that a warrior is aware of his surroundings. Be aware of where you are, and you will be able to eliminate, and eventually find the restaurant you are looking for. Be patient, as Postulate #9 states, and take your time. Rushing to a conclusion only leads to anxiety and panic and cures nothing. A warrior never panics, only resolves. If the place you eventually decide upon is not up to your expectations, simply leave. Don't waste time or psychic energy on complaining to the management of a restaurant which you will NEVER eat at again. Save your resources for a better occasion.

If the time comes when you must use your BADness, apply all of the twelve postulates at once. You will then realize that you are a tolerant person who has a limit for which has now been broken, and that you know where you are, what weapons you have at your disposal, and that you are calm, considerate, well informed. You are observant, opinionated, and witty. You are swift at implementing strategy which has been well thought out. You respect your surroundings and take it outside. You conquer, and return to your normal. You do not show off your victory by celebration. You once again become the BAD self that you and you alone know you are.

The true-BAD lives by four Rules up and above the Twelve Postulates.

Rule #1.
The needs of friends, family, and loved ones comes before the needs of oneself.

Rule #2.
The life of others comes before the life of oneself.

Rule #3.
Do as he see fit, see not it harm others.

Rule #4.
Believe in your destiny.

Practice what you have read, and you will be truefully BAD.

Farewell to all Warriors, be you BAD.

Footnote: Spike Tsasmali (BadWolf), the author, is Wiccan. The Wiccan warrior path leads one down a life of honor, deed and will. Unlike traditional Christian religions, Wicca offers self-guidance and a total in-touch atmosphere with nature and his surroundings.

Let it be said now that Wicca is NOT devil worship. In fact, there is no devil in Wicca, nor are there ANY such evil deities or spirits. Wicca is a religion of nature and the Universe.

If you would like to learn more about Wicca, please visit my dearly respected friend Black Wolf's Website. He has an excellent Wicca page with many links to various Pagan resources.

Thank you for visiting.

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