You Had To Ask ...

so Here I Am!!


This is what I look like every day!

All About BadWolf

NameSpike The Warrior
AddressAustin, Texas, USA
Weighta very solid 235 lbs.
EyesHazel to Green
HairVERY long, brown ponytail
Complexiontan white
ReligionPagan, Druid
OccupationElectronics Engineer and part-time Firefighter
Dispositionjust plain BAD

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More about BadWolf

favorite cartoon characterTAZ
favorite beerShiner Bock
favorite musicJazz
Petsdogs, snakes, lizards
Vehicle1990 Chevy Conversion Van
ComputerCompaq Rules!
favorite foodany Seafood
Sex preferenceStrictly S/M
Marital StatusHappily Divorced
SportsFootball and Hockey
favorite teamFlorida Gators
favorite colorblack
favorite soft drinkRC Cola (Pepsi hater)

Things BadWolf Can't Stand

Most hideous musicHip-Hop music
worst foodturnips (salmon is tied for 1st)
worst odorcheap perfume
most annoying noiseHip-Hop music
Biggest waste of moneychurch collection plate
worst burger jointBurger King
worst soft drinkPepsi
Nastiest beerMiller
Raunchiest cigarWhite Owl

Other things BadWolf Can't Stand ... (but Tolerates)

  • Fresh Bic lighter that won't light
  • Suntan oil
  • cars with obnoxious stereos
  • Web pages that take all night to load
  • Shitty cameras
  • Telemarketers
  • Golf
  • Tennis on Television
  • RAP music (unless it's Tupac WOOF!)
  • Married...With Children
  • And the list goes on and on ...

    I think sometimes I should create a website just to take care of all of those things that drive me crazy.

    I have created the ultimate junk literature page. You have to read it to believe it!
    This page is in memory of my little dog Sabian who passed away on September 24, 2000 from complications due to heart disease.

    Wanna know more about me?
    E-mail me with your inquiries to

    BadWolf believes in individual rights. I am in no way prejudice against anyone for any reason, be it race, religion, sexual preference, color, belief, or any other aspect. Warriors believe in themselves, as well as others, fighting for what is real and what is right for themselves and those who look upon him. For those of you browsers out there reading this now, let's stop the hate -- once and for all -- for us and for our future. BadWolf 5-12-96
    Last updated on 8-11-2007
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