Welcome to the Warrior Wolf Society

Who Are the Warrior Wolves?

The Warrior Wolves is an exclusive club of which its primary membership consist of Pagan Warriors who have Wolf totems. Although most of us are Pagan, there are some of us who are not and we are not prejudice against those of other religious faiths.

Just Exactly What Is a Warrior

A Warrior is a protector -- a fighter. But not just physically. Warriors are leaders, conquerers -- strong minded and strong hearted. A Warrior both leads and defends. He or she loves what is worth fighting for. A Warrior has a unique way of life, viewing events different from the average person. A Warrior has a BAD attitude but is easy going, loving, caring and most of all, versitile.

Just Exactly What Is a Wolf

A Wolf, in the Spiritual sense is much like the wild canine. The Wolf is an animal who runs in packs, never alone. A Wolf cares for his own and for others. The Wolf symbolizes strength, power, love, companionship, protection speed, stealth and will. The Lupine Spirit symbolizes freedom, nature and energy. Much like the soft fur of the Wolf, the spirit of the Wolf is also soft and plush.

About the Warrior Wolves

The Warrior Wolves always meet on the night of the Full Moon each month. Since our club is NATIONWIDE, most of our meetings are held online using America Online, ICQ or our Mailing List.

Wolf meetings, rituals and gatherings are held in different locations each time. An invitation will hold specific directions and purpose for each function.

To become a Wolf, you must first be invited by another Wolf, and then attend at least one gathering or meeting before you can be initiated. Following initiation, you must then act as a "pledge" to the organization for at least one year before your membership will be considered. The Warrior Wolves has no "initiation" ritual and no potential member will EVER be asked to do "favors" or endure some form of bizarre ceremony.

Membership to the Warrior Wolves is permanent; once you become a Member you are always a member. We do not ask for renewal fees each year. The Warrior Wolves host only one form of membership -- Full Members, however we do allow "affiliates" to associate with us in the event a potential member already belongs to a club or group (or plans to join another club or group) which restricts full membership in other groups. We have no "associate" membership since all Members are permanent and all club services are always available to all who are Members or those who associate with or affiliate with the Warrior Wolves.

Each of our members is obligated to be the host of a party, gathering, run or ritual at least once per year and must assist another Member with his duties as a host at least once each year. Each year the Warrior Wolves hold its Annual Gathering of the Pack. At the Gathering, all of our members from coast to coast come together to meet and enjoy celebrating Beltane or Samhain with the whole pack! We also host our Anniversary at Samhain (Halloween for Non-Pagans) each year.

The Warrior Wolves are not a coven and initiation into the Warrior Wolves is not intended to act as a coven. You do not need to be an initiate in any coven or Order in order to become a Warrior Wolf, but it helps to know for sure that your destiny and path is that of the Warrior and the Wolf, or are spiritual in a sense which is compatable with those who are. If you are of a different faith other than Pagan, then let your spirit guide you and tell you what your destinies are.

Our group is NOT evil nor does it practice "black magick", Satan worship or any other odd religious practices. We are safe to all belief systems and honor all faiths, paths and traditions.

The Warrior Wolves are non-prejudicial, non-racial, and non-traditionally biased. Part of being a Wolf is to recognize everybody as your Wolf Brother (or Sister) and to respect his/her needs, if you agree with them or not.

The Wolves recognize several forms of ritual as standard items. These forms include Druid, Celtic, Native American, Egyptian and Greek philosophies. If you have a faith different from those mentioned, we would be honored to have it amongst our practices.

Although these are recognized as standards, the Wolves respect each and every ritual and understand the needs of our Wolf Brothers.

The Warrior Wolves are best known for our outlandishness at events, especially our intense spirit and desire to have a wholesome good time without involving sex, sleaze or other forms of "dirty" minded activities. We believe that sex is an important part of every person's life, but there is a lot more to the world than just sex and those things are what we are all about. We are also known to be one of the most generous groups around, handing out more friendship pins and yes, PATCHES to more people in a single event than most clubs purchase in an entire year! On average, we hand out over 2000 pins each year and over 1000 patches!

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